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SelectLine in a flash

We support you in the analysis and the integration of business management softwares (ERP). SelectLine product lines meet the specific needs of SMEs from 5 to 150 employees.
SelectLine in a flash

SelectLine Software AG is specialized in  standard software development and marketing for all types of businesses. The softwares range offers an unusual volume of features and is used to cover most business needs. There are 20000 small and medium businesses who are happy to work every day with SelectLine Softwares.

We also are experts with  VoIP, with solutions adapted to all sorts of company size. We also provide a complete installation of your Dedicated server hosting. You're asking yourself about a professional messaging system for your company? We offer Hosted Exchange, a solution that proved itself.

Selectline Enterprise

  • Foreign currencies and languages
  • Electronic payment
  • Integration of open jobs
  • Manufacturing order for the production
  • Contract and project management
  • Complete price system with different price lists, special pricing and various discounts possibilities.
  • Management of serial individual numbers

SelectLine Accounting

  • Foreign currency
  • Multi-company
  • TVA counting agreed / received
  • Form Editor
  • Different input masks and input assistance
  • Analytics

SelectLine Salary

  • According to the SUVA guidelines
  • Number of terms, deductions and unlimited salary elements
  • Definable exploitations, several lists
  • Export in SelectLine Accounting and other accounting
  • As many employees as desired

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