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Since long years

Since long years

Since 2001 and well before that Cloud computing came, EVOK forged his reputation on virtual desktops and remote apps that allowed remote users to access to IT resources of their company from everywhere and in a completely safely way.  Partner of the first hour of the most evolved solutions, EVOK has always been watchful about the environment respect, by entrusting tha data on 100% renewable energy supplied datacenters. Always on the top of technologies, we offer turn-key solutions which give to the companies what they need in IT needs. Our experience allows us to offer quality solutions, adequated with your needs, whatever the size or situation of your business are.

Are the Cloud solutions secure, flexible and cost efficient ?

EVOK provides innovative Cloud services since 2002 ...

The term Cloud Services gathers all the interests of Cloud Computing, that is to say very advantageous services and performances for businesses. Evolving solutions, accessible from everythere and for whose you pay only what you use. EVOK offers personalized and SMEs adapted Cloud services in our 100% Switzerland based hosting servers.

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

The Cloud Computing, a concept recently appeard, references to computers and servers memory usage and calculation capacities distributed worldwide, linked by an internet network. The Cloud Computing allows the IT resources increase on the net for the calculation power and data storage.

Cloud Services is a SaaS (Software as a Service) extention applied on remote hosting.

This way to conceive the information treatment is similar to the way the businesses got furnished in water : Instead of buying pumping, purification and storage stations, the businesses pay, as a charged service, what they exactly consume, in a definited budget and in perfect adequacy with their needs.

Our strenght points... service, flexibility and availability.
5 good reasons to migrate to the cloud 5 good reasons to migrate to the cloud
You company will always benefit of the necessary computing power; the IT infrastructure and resources will grow as your company grows without being subject to financial depreciation issues or budget exceed and constraints The security of the servers and therefore of your data is increased, as computing infrastructure, backup management, antivirus protection, network security is outsourced in secure datacenters and managed by a team of trained and qualified professionals. The availability of documents and applications is increased as corporate data is accessible securely from premises outside your own walls and backup are performed in geographically distant locations. You pas only for what you use. You don't need to purchase or depreciate equipment that you use only at the third or half of it's capacity You don't need to manage software and hardware upgrades and migrations, you always benefit from recent ant tested versions of the applications and infrastructure
Web hosting Web hosting
When your corporate website site or e-commerce platform is hosted at EVOK, you get a Swiss Quality hosting plan, in a modern and secure Datacenter. Highest level of services, all servers located in Switzerland. We are dedicated to top-level service and comprehensive support
Mobility and flexibility Mobility and flexibility
Host your Microsoft Windows compatible applications such as ERP, CRM, accounting or any specific application on our cloud computing infrastructure. Thanks to our powerful solution based on industry leader Citrix Xen App, you remotely connect to a desktop or a published application easily, quickly and securely. You can share resources with your employees, colleagues or even customers and suppliers without investing in a costly and complex to manage infrastructure. Because this is a cloud service, it is elastic and flexible, and you pay as you grow.
No setup costs No setup costs
Our cloud services don't have an initial setup charge. Our dedicated support team helps you to implement and migrate to the cloud and support for the setup of the clients and devices.

Dedicated served managed in Switzerland

Ensured high quality services, servers integrality in our datacenter (hosting center) in Switzerland. Linux or Windows servers (on demand)

EVOK offers a dedicated servers hosting in Switzerland, adapted to websites, e-mails and applications servers hosting,  Ensured high quality services, servers integrality in our datacenter (hosting center) in Switzerland.

Cloud Applications: Your virtual desktop 100% available

Ensured high quality services, servers integrality in our datacenter (hosting center) in Switzerland. Linux or Windows servers.

ASP (Application Service Provider) refers to a set of services allowing to have an operative IT infrastructure as a monthly rent of a workspace or applications. Entrust this task to profesionnals and plan your IT costs.

Share your files 100% safely

Sharing service, backup and synchronization allowing to store until 100GB of files.

Synchronize your files on Apple (OS X & iPhone, iPad) or Windows in a click. If you are travelling and add a file to your online synchronized folder "EVOK Cloud Files" the file will instantly appear on all your devices

Online safe backup for servers

Online backup. EVOK backups in Switzerland your business server, locally on NAS and online, without caring about the used OS : Windows, Apple OS X.

Your data is integrally stocked in Switzerland and is protected against fire, burglars and other incidents. After a data loss, you can restore it immediately, easily and integrally. A performant crypting technology guarantees an optimal protection of your data during and after the transmission.

But also...

Messaging Gateway

Protect your Exchange mail server with EVOK email security. Our antivirus and antispam solution for Microsoft Exchange filters the incoming and outgoing traffic. All emails, including attachments, are subject to strict viruses and spam control. They are not sent to the recipient where it is found positive.

Secured remote access

Hosted Exchange 2016

Hosted Exchange is a hosting technique in comunication tools, like email, contacts list, calendars and documents.
The difference to a classic solution, is that data is stored externally, most of the time is a specialist called hosting provider.

Web hosting

Website hosting in Switzerland: Increase the performance of your website by choosing our high-end web hosting offers upscale.

Support Typo3, PHP 5, MySQL 5.

Web Hosting

<em>They</em> trust us...

Our Datacenters

  • Secure Datacenters in Switzerland
  • VMware ESX virtual infrastructure
  • Hitachi, Brocade, HP & EMC SAN
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Support team based in Switzerland
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