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Customer references

Customer references

We provide services to customers covering a wide range of activity sectors. Our target market is Small and Medium Businesses from 5 to 250 users. We have a strong knowledge of each different sector and take special care of each customer, focusing on providing global IT solutions involving different type of services.

Customer as different as Bank Espirito Santo, Luxury hotel Palace of Gstaad, nanomanufacture worldwide leader Applied Materials, plastic surgery clinic Laclinic of Montreux, First division Hockey Club Fribourg-Gotteron, and many others have chosen EVOK as their IT partner.

We have recent references in the following list of industry sectors, mainly in the Canton de Vaud and Fribourg. Customer testomonials available on request.

Education and administration

  • primary and secondary schools
  • Gymnasium
  • University of Fribourg, University of Lausanne, EPFL
  • Profesionnal Training Center
  • Communal administrations
  • Cantonal Administration

Health & Medical

  • Plastic surgery clinic
  • Medico-social institutions
  • Ambulance service company
  • Medical instrumentation companies


  • Architects
  • Engineering companies
  • Construction companies
  • Electricity companies


  • Luxury Hotel
  • Printing company
  • Law offices
  • Tourism office
  • Travel Agency
  • Various NGOs and associations

IT Services