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From design to implementation, we carry you to provide a custom-made network

Our company is specialized in network and computer security. Our solutions make the best use of all the functionality offered by the internal networks (LANs) and Internet (WANs).
From design to implementation, we carry you to provide <em>a custom-made network</em>

IT systems safety is an essential stake

From design to implementation, we carry your to provide a more safety, trusted and performant network. Then, we manage and ensure the daily monitoring.

  • Firewall configuration, monitoring, reporting and maintenance.
  • Private networks, VPN, multi-sites abd SSL VPN for travelling users.
  • Strong users authentication, 802.1X access control .
  • VPN-SSL solutions with double authentication (i.e. with Tokens).
  • Data leak prevention to avoid the sensibles informations communication outside the company.
  • WAN optmisation – allows to boost the applications and file transer on WAN connections.
  • SSL Inspection (HTTPS) – allows to add security and control of rules on trafic-crypted flows.


  • Every business needs to protect its internal network against intrusions, attacks and computer viruses.
  • The best defense against the attacks is to install an hardware firewall. This is a device which controls the information flow at the entrance to your network. It also allows you to connect securely to various offices and create VPN connections.

Managed LAN - HP Procurve

  • Lifetime warranty on ProCurve products.
  • Full cover of the product, including fans and power supplies.
  • Advance replacement for the duration of the warranty at no additional cost
  • ProCurve Networking products set the standards for quality and reliability.
  • HP ProCurve offers businesses around the world the best solutions on the market.

VPN SSL - Juniper

  • The JUNOS MAG Series SSL VPN appliances from Juniper Networks provide remote and mobile access to users, customers and partners at any time and from any place

Wireless - Ruckus

  • Ruckus Wireless has invented and patented the technology of Smart WiFi - the advanced technology of RF network. Smart WiFi, for the first time, provides coverage and reliability to wireless networks.
  • Smart WiFi uses a smart directional antenna and high-gain to allow the WiFi signal to be formed, focused and directed to the most efficient way at any time.

Anti-virus / spyware

  • Antivirus specially designed for small business
  • Function Damage Cleanup
  • Transparent and automatic update
  • Full and reliable protection
  • Monitoring viral epidemics
  • Mangement console with web interface (ISS or Apache)

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