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IT maintenance comparation

Comparation table

of our IT maintenance offers




Type of benefit
On demand intervention
Pro-active and on demand
Pro-active and on demand
Contract type
Prepaid hours
At fixed rate
At fixed rate
Recommended computer equipment size 3-20 computers
15 à 200 computers 15 à 200 computers
Prepaying Yearly or quarterly
Yearly or quarterly
Monitoring with ticket opening
Included Included Included
Network security management
In option
Included Included
Contractual time periond
Min. 12 months Min. 12 months Min. 24 months
Licences management and follow-up
Not available
Invoicing on a preferential rate
Backups verification
Included 1x /month
Min. 1x /month Min. 1x /month
On-site troubleshooting and reaction level
Yes, discounted, "best effort" Included with "prioritary" SLA
Included with "prioritary" SLA
New equipment or software installation
Discounted on credits
Invoicing on a preferential rate included
"Management review" follow-up and advice
Not available
Included, min 1x year
Included, min 1x year
e-mail and telephone support
8x5, "best effort" 8x5, with "prioritary" SLA 8x5,with "prioritary" SLA
24/7 support extention
Not available In option In option
Preferential rate for out-of-contract benefits
According to bought volume credits
Yes, CHF HT 175.00/h
Yes, CHF HT 175.00/h
Configure Configure Configure


IT equipment maintenance with EVOK ...

By entrusting your IT equipment maintenance to EVOK, there's no more need to mobilize your resources to carry out maintenance, monitoring or system restoration interventions.
IT equipment maintenance with  EVOK ...

As an IT installation, security and maintenance specialist since 1998, EVOK takes care of companies development by offering adapted IT solutions based on their size and organization.

Professionals ensure on-site or distant, permanent and real-time, a pro-active and reactive management of your IT environment. EVOK, is the efficacy of a service which allows to immediately handle problems by avoiding, as far as possible, an engineer's intervention.

  • IT equipment maintenance, prevention before everything.
  • Professionals ensure on-site and remotely
  • Services supervision (alerts & monitoring)
  • Response times can vary from 1 to 8 opening hours according to the chosen rate option
  • Follow-up of IT equipment evolution
  • Back-ups integrity check

It's legit to ask themselves the cost of the IT maintenance, especially when all's going well in the company, the systems are brand new and an IT crash never occured.

The maintenance contract cost has to be related to the costs of an IT breakdown, which generates a work stoppage, an exploit loss and unhappy and unsatisfied clients. It's easy to guess that it's in the CEO's interests to prevent IT breakdown by subscribing to a maintenance contract which will enhance reliability of his IT tools.

"IT maintenance" often rhymes with "a restore after an accident", car IT users tend to think that their systems always works in their best performances without any kind of external intervention. Servers, PCs, softwares and OSs have to be regularry mantained, to not slow down users when executing their daily job and to grant optimal performances.

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