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EVOK NetGlobal maintenance contract

EVOK NetGlobal maintenance contract

An EVOK NetGlobal contract allows you to avoid all the inconveniences of an IT tool not correctly working. Either a viral infection on a workstation or a server patches update related issue, our service il able to eradicate all viruses, install or repare all the equipments inventoried by the remote service and that in a total security.

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IT maintenance comparation

Comparation table

of our IT maintenance offers




Type of benefit
On demand intervention
Pro-active and on demand
Pro-active and on demand
Contract type
Prepaid hours
At fixed rate
At fixed rate
Recommended computer equipment size 3-20 computers
15 à 200 computers 15 à 200 computers
Prepaying Yearly or quarterly
Yearly or quarterly
Monitoring with ticket opening
Included Included Included
Network security management
In option
Included Included
Contractual time periond
Min. 12 months Min. 12 months Min. 24 months
Licences management and follow-up
Not available
Invoicing on a preferential rate
Backups verification
Included 1x /month
Min. 1x /month Min. 1x /month
On-site troubleshooting and reaction level
Yes, discounted, "best effort" Included with "prioritary" SLA
Included with "prioritary" SLA
New equipment or software installation
Discounted on credits
Invoicing on a preferential rate included
"Management review" follow-up and advice
Not available
Included, min 1x year
Included, min 1x year
e-mail and telephone support
8x5, "best effort" 8x5, with "prioritary" SLA 8x5,with "prioritary" SLA
24/7 support extention
Not available In option In option
Preferential rate for out-of-contract benefits
According to bought volume credits
Yes, CHF HT 175.00/h
Yes, CHF HT 175.00/h
Configure Configure Configure

Pro-active server maintenance

  • Server status and general functioning verification
  • Log files analysis, Active Directory and associed services check
  • Application of necessary fix patches on MS Windows services
  • Security updates validation and application
  • Necessary corrections for the antivirus solution verification and application
  • Validation of security updates deployment of client workplaces (if the client has a centralized deployment solution), edits of the deployment tastks
  • Visual verification of hard disk units and power suppliers
  • Supply of replacement parts with suppliers management
  • Planned tasks check and automatic reboot
  • Configuration or adaptation according to client's requests
  • Every other routine control judged useful by EVOK
Pro-active maintenance on network devices and security :
  • Firewall system updates check and application
  • Electric charges verification and ondulators status
  • Configuration or adaptation according to client's requests
  General support :
  • The working hours credits available for general support can be used for every IT systems related to the client
Our strenght points
Proactive on-site computer maintenance Proactive on-site computer maintenance
The maintenance inspection consists to check with a physical presence on-site the proper functioning of the equipment. Checking the status and overall functioning of the servers, analyzing log files, control of Active Directory and associated services. Applying patches needed on MS Windows services. Validation and application of security updates etc ... Verification and application of necessary corrections to the computer antivirus solution. Visits are planned according to a biannual Calendar.
Proactive tele-support maintenance Proactive tele-support maintenance
Proactive tele-support maintenance includes the following tasks in real time on Microsoft Windows servers. Control and update of operating systems, update of software security backup. Analysis of log files, control of Active Directory and associated services, applying necessary MS Windows patches .
Monitoring and alerts services Monitoring and alerts services
The monitoring system's computer of EVOK allows us to check 24/24 the status of services of the Customer. Shipments of email reports for failures. Sending SMS in case if critical problems.
Incidents and requests for assistance Incidents and requests for assistance
The service level provided for technical support and assistance depends on the nature (incident or request) and the severity of the case (urgency and impact). The response time vary from 1 to 8 hours depending on the contract type.
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery
In some rare cases, a major incident may require a full server recovery. EVOK provides the tools and knowledge to accomplish this task in the most efficient way.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Service Level Agreement (SLA)
EVOK is committed to provide services in a timely manner. Together with our customers, we define performance objectives. We attach a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to our support and maintenance contracts.

Our Datacenters

  • Secure Datacenters in Switzerland
  • VMware ESX virtual infrastructure
  • Hitachi, Brocade, HP & EMC SAN
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Support team based in Switzerland


since 1998

EVOK is an IT Service Provider established in 1998, specialized in server and storage infrastructure, network and security. We support business development of our customers by providing IT solutions fitting their needs. With offices conveniently located in Lausanne and Fribourg, we provide fast, flexible and efficient service to our customers

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