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Safe file sharing in Switzerland

Most SMEs need to easily be able to share documents with their clients, suppliers or collaborators. But when it comes to protect data and storage, they are faced to a difficult choice between expensive enterprise solutions and cheap mainstream "home solutions" hosted somewhere in the Cloud (USA, Iceland, India), but not enough safe.


  • Evok CloudFiles
  • Universal access
  • Backup versioning
  • 90 days keep-up

To answer to legitimate constraints

To answer to legitimate constraints

EVOK CloudFiles (looking like Dropbox) offers to businesses the adequate solution :

  • EVOK CloudFiles translates local protocols(CIFS) in a secured and internet adapted protocol (HTTPS)
  • Can be accessed from a computer (Windows, Apple), a tablet (Ipad, Androïd) or a smartphone
  • Data backup with versioning (can gome back to an older version on a file)
  • Daily backups in a Swiss datacenter benefit of a 90 days keep-up
  • Safe and realiable alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive, iDrive or SugarSync
  • Easily and safely file sharing with commercial partners (extranet features)
  • Every business can difine his personal strategy of access rights management on distributed folders and files

Transfer and sorage online

Transfer and sorage online

Management solution of files for SME in Switzerland

Synchronize your files with Apple or Windows in one click. If you are out of office and add a file to your "EVOK Cloud Files" folder, you will automatically find it on all your other devices. The edits from your home computer will also instantly be on your office computer
Your files will always be up to date, everywhere and at any moment. The integrity of your synchronized data will be stored several times per day in our Datacenter. All your data will be stored in Switzerland.

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Our Datacenters

  • Secure Datacenters in Switzerland
  • VMware ESX virtual infrastructure
  • Hitachi, Brocade, HP & EMC SAN
  • 24 x 7 monitoring
  • Support team based in Switzerland

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EVOK is an IT Service provider founded in 1998 with offices in Lausanne and Fribourg. We are specialized in installing, maintaining and supporting IT infrastructures for SMB's in Switzerland and we operate our own Cloud services. Providing a professional, flexible and efficient service is the motto of our company.

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