Remote Support : TeamViewer TeamViewer is a lightweight remote support tool allowing EVOK technicians to remotely connect to your computer and assist you.

  Best effort contracts
MANAGED Contrats
Type Priority Reaction Intervention Penalty for missed target by +2 h Penalty for missed target by +4 h Reaction Intervention Penalty for missed target by +4 h Penalty for missed target by +2 h
Incident Priority 1 Immediate 1 hour 2 hours 2h credit 3h credit 2 hours 4 hours 2h credit 3h credit
Incident Priority 2
High 2 hours 3 hours 1h credit 2h credit 4 hours 8 hours 1h credit 2h credit
Incident Priority 3
Medium 4 hours D+1     4 hours D+2    
Incident Priority 4
Low 8 hours D+2     D+1 D+4    
Request Priority 1 Immediate                
Request Priority 2
High 4 hours 8 hours     4 hours 8 hours    
Request Priority 3
Medium D+1 D+2     D+1 D+2    
Request Priority 4
Low D+2 D+15     D+2 D+15    

Incident priority

Priority 1 Incidents (Immediate)
  • All workers / employees on a site disconnected from network or incapable to connect to the corporate network and perform their job
  • VoIP PBX out of service / phone system outage
  • Any incident with direct impact on the company's main activity, affecting a complete site or a complete department
Priority 2 Incidents (High)
  • Server does not starts or is not accessible
  • Messaging server outage (hardware or software)
  • Switch or firewall does not works or is not accessible
  • Computer of a member of the top management is out of order
  • Network share is not accessible
Priority 3 Incidents (Normal)
  • Computer of an employee is out of order or disconnected from the network
  • Printer out of order or printer feature degraded
  • Remote access issues, VPN issues, webmail issues
  • E-mail issue for 1 employee or 1 computer only
  • Local application on a single desktop or laptop does not work or has issues
  • Slow internet or unreliability of the internet connexion
Priority 4 Incidents (Low)
  • Any incident impacting 1 single user or any incident that can be temporarily bypassed by a workaround solution
  • Any incident for which the customer clearly indicates that he does not require a quick resolution or any indident for which an intervention date has been scheduled in more than 2 days.

Request priotity

Request priority 1 (Immediate)
  • There are no immediate incidents.The highest level is 2 - High
Request priority 2(High)
  • Forgotten password
  • Rights modification on files or folders
  • Files restore from an image
  • VoIP (PBX) Configuration modification
  • Deleting an account (windows, VPN, LDAP)
Request priority 3(Normal)
  • Create a new user
  • Add a new computer in the domain
  • Add a new phone
  • Update installation
  • New application installation in a existant server or computer
  • Configuration of a printer
  • Backup modification or folder modification
  • Internal network structure modification (switches, firewall, LAN)
  • Internet connection modification
Request priority 4 (Low)
For every low priority a due date has to be definned with the client.
  • Any request for a modification or a minor change such as changing a logo on a letterhead, travel demand of a PC
  • Request for installation of a device not yet ordered
  • Any request that is reasonably foreseeable that it can not be resolved within less than a week
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