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Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

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Virtual PBX is a easy to use solution to optimize communications in your company based on a Cloud-managed communication server. A virtual PBX differs from the expensive classic communication systems, and helps decreasing communication and operating costs.

How does a virtual PBX works

How does a virtual PBX works

In classical calls, every entreprise has to possess this equipements to ensure communications : External telephony lines, for which we have to pay, a subscription and high communication costs ; a call central, a kind of a switch for communications and expensive call terminals.

This traditional mecanism is very limited when we talk about Virtual PBX : Actually, the only thing you need is a simple internet connextion, and VoIP call terminals  (Voice over IP).

The traditionnal call central is replaced by a hosted software, that means that the physical equipment is replaced by a distant service(SaaS : Software as a Service), witch you configure as you want from a web browser, without calling any traditionnal telephony technicien.

The eypensive old terminals are replaced either by computer software, witch gives you a communication comfort when you use a headset, or by VoIP call terminals witch allows the user to videocall.

Voice over IP WITH EVOK virtual PBX Voice over IP WITH EVOK virtual PBX
You will use your own internet connection (ADSL 2+, SDSL, cable…) for up to 50% savings and up to 90 %  savings in your ISDN and PRI lines. Keep your usual phone numbers Free communications betwen your companies Several simultaneous conversations On line billing details Savings on ISDN or PRI connections Have the possibility to keep your phone numbers
Why IP calls ? Why IP calls ?
Equiped with powerfull possibilities of communication , the Voice over IP is the ideal answer to your needs in efficency, in your employees productivity and in the costs reduction. It will help you to retain your clients and will allow you to concentrate in the essential: your activity.
Monitoring and reporting Monitoring and reporting
Monitor incoming and outgoing calls is easy with a Virtual PBX  management account. Online hosted PBX services give you access to online call reports that are always updated. By logging into your web management account , you can instantly see the number of made or received calls that were made or who has taken calls where each call has begun, and when each call is completed. Keep track of incoming and outgoing faxes is just a simple. All your faxes over the Internet are used by your virtual PBX.
No maintenance No maintenance
Virtual PBX solutions have a distinct advantage compared to standard PBX systems in the sense that there is never any need for the user to maintain or upgrade the service they have. When using a virtual PBX service, you can leave your service provider to update their system and make it work. In addition, you have the freedom to add and remove extensions with just a few clicks, you can ensure your virtual PBX service is tailored to the size of your business.
Cost reduction Cost reduction
When comparing the cost of a virtual PBX system to a PBX that requires you to buy equipment, it is easy to see which one is cheaper. There is no equipment to be purchased and you can use any IP phone including mobile phones, receive calls through the system. These will include a PBX phone that work with the specific system that you selected. In addition, a traditional PBX system will need to be physically installed and configured, which will add additional costs. Virtual PBX solutions are channeled communications through the Internet, allowing removal of a fixed rental costs with classic lines and lower operating costs      Reduced infrastructure costs (you can use your computer network cabling to connect the phone)      No cost of purchase and maintenance of IP PBX
Bigger versatility Bigger versatility
Virtual PBX service allows the user to choose the number of extensions they want with the features they want. To get new features or extend your PBX system, you will have to purchase additional hardware or buy new equipment.      Many additional features due to the central IP (Messaging home, mailboxes, etc.)      Ability to easily increase the number of lines after installation (scalability)      Very interesting solution for multi-site company


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Spécialiste en installation, sécurité et téléphonie IP depuis 1998, EVOK accompagne le développement des entreprises en leur proposant des solutions de téléphonies et informatiques adaptées à leur taille et organisation. Nous sommes à la pointe des communications téléphonique IP, et nous vous proposons notre expertise pour le choix, l’installation et la maintenance de centrale téléphonique IP, dans les locaux de votre entreprise, comme en mode SaaS hébergé dans le Cloud.

Compatible terminals

  • Aastra*: 51i, 53i, 55i, 57i, 6730i, 6731i
  • Linksys: SPA901, SPA921, SPA922, SPA941, SPA942, SPA962, PAP2T.
  • Polycom: SoundPoint IP32X, 33X, 430, 450, 501, 550, 560, 650, 670, 6000, 7000
  • Siemens: C470IP, S675IP
  • Snom: 300, 320, 360, 370, m3
  • Softphone: CounterPath, Ekiga, Kiax2, Twinkle, Zoiper
*EVOK recommended terminals
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Virtual PBX (hosted PBX)

Compatible Aastra / Snom
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