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Voice over IP


EVOK and Voice over IP

EVOK installs and mantains different communication systems on IP. Open source or Aastra servers systems, which thanks to a recognized quality and by a huge inter-operability with different systems,  are particulary suitable for SMB and for big multisite businesses, that have then a unified telephone system and CTI (IT telephone coupling)

Téléphonie IP

Téléphonie IP

For businesses, VoIP is an excellent replacement for traditional calling systems. This solution, practical and innovative at the same time, simplifies your network structure by allowing voice, internet and IT applications convergences. By always keeping your actual telephone lines (ISDN), it allows to multiply the features and ensure your communications. Whether your employed are at home or somewhere, they can connect, with their PC or phone, at your business infrastructure keeping the same work environment.

Compared with classic telephone system, VoIP does not need specific cables, the actual one can mostly be used directly. Some innovative services can then be set up thanks to computer-telephone integration

IP-PBX telephone central

The Aastra range of centrals

Whether you are in a small, medium or large company, EVOK has a solution to meet your communication needs. With a capacity from 4 to 400 users, the Aastra 400 range fits  well to a SMB, to an Administration service or to a  Hotel of all sizes.

Virtual PBX (cloud PBX)

Cloud communications server

Your business doesn't wish anymore to invest in self communication systems, you want to get phone and fax linking in a flexible way as a service. Whether your company is mono or multisite, our communication platform Virtual PBX answers to all your needs

VoIP terminals

Telephone terminals

Alliance partnership between Aastra and HP Networking offering the first quality IP Unified Communications solution


depuis 1998

Spécialiste en installation, sécurité et téléphonie IP depuis 1998, EVOK accompagne le développement des entreprises en leur proposant des solutions de téléphonies et informatiques adaptées à leur taille et organisation. Nous sommes à la pointe des communications téléphonique IP, et nous vous proposons notre expertise pour le choix, l’installation et la maintenance de centrale téléphonique IP, dans les locaux de votre entreprise, comme en mode SaaS hébergé dans le Cloud.

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